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Foundation of Graduates in Early Childhood Studies -


Be sure to read the Forest Hill Application Guidelines before starting this application.

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Legally constituted name of organization
Organization’s major source/s of funding
Indicate the amount of grant being applied for
Type of funding
Full funding  Part funding (provide details below) 
Part funding details (e.g. co-contributions, self funded)
If you are applying for funds to support a research project indicate whether you have received ethics approval from an appropriate Research Ethics Approval Committee at your institution
Yes  No  N/A 
If you are conducting research in schools or centres under the umbrella of an education authority have you received approval to conduct this research (if this is a requirement)?
Yes  No  N/A 
Have you received funding from the Forest Hill Fund previously? If so, what year were those funds obtained?
Organization and type of service, e.g. child care centre, peak body, kindergarten, other 
Name of service

A legitimate ABN MUST be supplied below for this application to be considered

Type of service
Postal address
ACT  NSW  NT  Qld  SA  Tas  Vic  WA 
Post Code
Phone No
Key contact person 
Phone number
Applicants may be contacted to provide additional information to support this application.Details of successful grants may be published.
Bank account details for direct credit of funds 
We have dispensed with the sending of cheques.It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the banking details that have been recorded are correct. We do not take responsibility for retrieving funds that have been paid into an incorrect account where the details were given in error.
Account name
Bank’s BSB
Bank name
Account number
Explanation: some centres do not operate their own bank account. Their account may be controlled by an umbrella entity such as a Local Council.
Provide extra information if this might cause problems in the transfer of funds
Complete each of the following items with a brief description of the specific project for which funding is being sought, including a breakdown of the proposed budget indicating how funds will be allocated.
Brief description of the project
Aims and objectives of the project
Anticipated completion date of the project
Benefits you expect to result from the project
Type of ‘necessitous’ circumstances experienced by the children and families involved in your project
Please list any financial co-contributors to this project
Name of co-contributorAmount $
Provide a detailed breakdown of the budget using the following format
ItemAmount requested
Any additional information you think is relevant to the application
How did you hear about these grants?
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